Epic Date Night: Helping Couples Reconnect Through Epic Adventures

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"This Was 1,000 Times More Fun Than Netflix And Chill"

"This Was 1,000 Times More Fun Than Netflix And Chill"

As much as you probably love only doing "Netflix & Chill" for date night It's probably getting old. Spice things up and take on the most epic date night treasure hunt (Netflix and chill will still be there when you get back).

 10 Adventure Filled Clues Leading To The Lost Treasure

 Each Clue Guaranteed To Leave You Laughing & Loving Each Other Even More

 Just For Kicks And Giggles... A Fun Secret Awaits For Those That Finish

Plus... Get a free bonus of our 50 Adventurous Date's book which will make your relationship even more adventurous! (when you order today)

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The Epicness That Awaits Your Date Night...

How It Works...

What Other Couples Say About Our Adventures:

"This has been so fun by the way. Hubby and I are calling each other all day talking clues."
- Savannah T.

"Thank you! This has been so fun! We needed this!"
- Miranda D.

"Even if we don't win... I'm winning spending all this time with my love. Thank you for doing this!
- Whitney W.

The Story Behind These Couples Treasure Hunts...

Our names are Britton & Sarandon! When we first started dating we did a lot of adventures together and it helped us create a very deep connection. 

We then got married and for the first few months kept doing fun adventures and date nights together. But slowly we started to phase out of these fun adventures and before we knew it our marriage plateued and things felt dull. 

We came together and realized that we were no longer doing fun things together that helped deepen our connection. That's when we decided to start this company "Adventure Couples" because we knew we weren't the only ones who knew there was more to their relationship. We both wanted more excitement and every couples wants just that. 

Adventure Couples is designed to help couples have amazing adventures! We do this through these treasure hunts designed for couples. You can do them from just inside your home and it will be something fun that you and your partner can do in order to deepen your connection.

We hope this helps you have a deeper more exciting connection :)

- Britton & Sarandon

Past Treasure Hunters...

About This Adventure & What's Included

This Couples Treasure Hunt

You and your partner will solve clues, riddles and do challenges as a couple to complete this treasure hunt. Once you arrive to the end there will be a prize waiting for you :)  

  • 10+ Clues, Riddles, and Challenges To Do as A Couple
  • ​Make It To The End And Win a Prize
  • ​Make Your Date Nights Fun
  • ​Never Ask "What Should We Do Tonight" Again
  • BONUS: ​50 Adventurous date nights to do as a couple

This treasure hunt is designed to help you form a deeper bond as a couple. Each clue has to be solved as a couple that will lead to the next clue! We are excited for you to embark on this treasure hunt!


Can We Do This Date Night Treasure Hunt Anywhere?
Yes you can! It doesn't require you to travel anywhere, you will do all the clues in your home and online. The activities you will do around your house as well as neighborhood. 
What Comes With This Date Night Treasure Hunt?
You will receive clues and riddles either via email or physically in the mail (all clues are delivered on sheets of paper). These clues and riddles will lead you to do activities and challenges around the house and neighborhood. 

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  Couples Treasure Hunt

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